New generation stable toy Keeping your horse happy


Bizzy Bites is fast becoming the UK and Europe’s number 1 choice of Equine Stable Toy and Boredom Device.

With its unique patented multi-functional design and our long lasting refills, you can see why we have an extensive and ever growing number of horse and human fans.

The Bizzy Bites range was created in response to extensive market research and the Founder’s own experience of inexpensive licks that lasted only minutes. As such, there was an opportunity to create a superior horse toy product. We are confident we’ve achieved our goal and are very proud of the phenomenal feedback we’ve received since our launch.

Bizzy Bites has grown from strength to strength becoming a permanent fixture on thousands of yards in the UK and further afield. We have several more exciting products up our sleeves which will be revealed in good time but meanwhile we do love to receive feedback and suggestions from our lovely customers which we always pay attention to enabling us to strive for perfection.


Bizzy Bites Products

Why Bizzy Bites?


Ground toy… simply leave on stable floor for easy, engaging play whilst encouraging stretching and natural grazing tendencies.

Hanging toy… attach to wall using string or lead rope for a more challenging and long lasting experience.

Wall mounted… extremely effective at discouraging stable vices such as crib biting and wind sucking. Attach toy to the point where behaviour is most commonly seen to directly and effectively reduce stress and boredom symptoms. The toy spins inside bracket providing a continuous moving surface which the horse cannot crib or wind suck on, whilst the tasty,  lick encourages extended healthy interaction.

Teether… inspired by baby and dog teethers, the textured wings provide an interesting surface for youngsters to chew on encouraging the teething process.

Innovative Mint Sponges

Bizzy Bites is more than simply a vessel to administer a lick. Insert the mint essential oil infused natural fibre sponges inside the toy to encourage interaction long after the lick has finished. The mint smell will engage the horses attention and provide a source of fun and play. The sponges are replaceable and enable the toy to be used without a lick.

Tasty, long lasting, lick

Using a specialised production process, we have made our refills rock solid so the horse can only lick making them extremely long-lasting. Available in original, mint or garlic flavours.


During the testing process, Bizzy Bites was shown to withstand extreme stress pressure making it durable and hard wearing. Ideal for horses on extended periods of box rest and for the more ‘aggressive’ play

Excellent Value for Money

Compare our lick for weight, price and longevity with other licks on the market and you’ll find ours is the best value for money. A solid 1kg which lasts on average 5 days** making it pound per pence excellent value for money even if it lasts the minimum expected duration!

Our Ambassadors

Florence Molloy British Eventer

My names Florence Molloy, I’m a 15 year old British Eventer from Buckinghamshire and am competing at BE90 level with my 14.2hh ISH/Connemara Jet. Jets a bit of a monkey and will do anything for food, he’s a very talented […]

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Emma-Jo Prolific producer of young horses

Emma-Jo from Bucks is prolific producer of young horses and qualified her top horse Kimba Flamenco for 2 classes at the 2016 HOYS final finishing 4th in the Talent Seekers Final. Emma – Jo has produced horses to top level […]

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Teigan Mcnamara Hugely successful pony rider

Teigan, 15 is from Middlesex and a hugely Sucessful pony rider, jumping ponies through the grades and now moving onto horses. Teigan has 2 ponies and 1 horse she is currently competing. Her passion is bringing on ponies and alongside […]

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