Bizzy Bites FAQ’s

Q: What is Bizzy Bites?

Bizzy Bites is a multifunctional stable toy and equine teether. It can be used to ease boredom in the stable, long journeys in the lorry or entertainment at stay away shows. The Bizzy Bites toy helps to alleviate stable vices as well as giving youngsters something to help the teething process.

Q: Does my horse need to have a stable vice to enjoy Bizzy Bites?

No. Although the Bizzy Bites toy has been developed to help reduce common signs of stable stress it is just as enjoyable to any horse as a tasty treat.

Q: How long will the edible bit last?

It depends on the horse and how long they are stabled for. A stabled horse will spend more time with the Bizzy Bites than a horse that is turned out for a period during the day. During our extensive development stage we have found the edible bit to last between 2 days and 3 weeks.

Q: Is the edible refill heathy?

The Bizzy Bites refill is made from all natural sugars. 1 block would provide the equivalent to 4 hours of grazing.

Q: How can I maximise my horses interaction with the Bizzy Bites toy?

To maximise the horse interaction with the toy we recommend moving around the stable to keep the horses interest. Due to the weight of the toy for safety reasons we do not recommend hanging directly from the ceiling, we recommend always to hang the toy against a wall, from a wall/door with the specific bracket or left on the floor.

Q: Is the Bizzy Bites toy easy to assemble?

The Bizzy Bites comes with easy to follow instructions and very straight forward to assemble and add a new refill.

Q: Can I put Bizzy Bites toy in the field?

Of course you can. It is perfect on the fence with the Bizzy Bites bracket (sold separately) or simply left on the ground as a push around toy. You can also use the bizzy bites toy in your lorry or trailer for long journeys or long days at a show.

Q: Where should I fix the Bizzy Bites to help my horses cribbing vice?

We advise you attach the toy to the most commonly used area such as the stable door or stable wall.

Q: How does Bizzy Bites reduce stable vices?

Although once a stable vice such as cribbing is established it is almost impossible to eradicate, by providing a fun distraction, Bizzy Bites is shows to significantly reduce the frequency of such behaviours. When attached with a bracket to the location most commonly used for cribbing, the spinning action prevents the horse from having a fixed surface to utilise for the maladaptive behaviour.