Horses Bizzy Bites


A real hit with Loki as he doesn’t usually like licks or toys. 100% recommend bizzy bites.


LOVE BIZZY BITES!!! They smell divine (I had it in my car for a couple days). The boy loves it, and it’s so funny watching him realise that he can’t bite this one and it will last more than an hour it was bigger than I was expecting but you can tell why with the size of the treats, they’re huge and last forever! really well made, really well packaged and I love the sponge inserts! I’m kicking myself for not getting one sooner. Thank you and thank you from monty too. Tamsin Bunt


Markus Bauer, Dressage Rider

My young horse Theo has had the toy for 10 days now and there is still plenty left, I think there is still a couple of weeks left in it.

Spencer Roe, International Show Jumper

All the horses on my yard love their Bizzy Bites toy, it helps to keep them occupied at away shows and on rainy days when we are at home.


Dean is really loving his new Bizzy Bites toy. He loves having things to do and we were very close to running out of things to try with him. We are hoping this will be the solution to keeping him entertained! Love the product! Susannah Stevens


Thanks so much for quickly delivering my Bizzy bites. My daughters horse has been on box rest for 3 weeks and this is the best stable toy/entertainer I’ve ever purchased and I’ve bought quite a few! He isn’t able to bite onto the lick, like some other makes. I’d definitely recommend this to all my friends. Kate Griffiths


Ellie loves her bizzy bites toy in the field

Sam Coad Dipwcf Registered Farrier

I have found the Bizzy Bites toy very effective in keeping the horses occupied whilst being shod. It is especailly effective with the young horses and those who are nervous about being shod. It makes a lot less mess than a hay net and is proving very popular – I haven’t yet found a horse that doesn’t love the toy!

Emma Webster – Paddy

My boy Paddy is a 17.5 hd Irish draft so a normal lick would last an hour if that! I’ve know him crunch through in 30 minutes! At a few quid a go that really adds up, but these are lasting at least a month and seem more entertaining for him! I’m so happy with the product! These last, so economical for me and like I said, he loves them!

Rodney & Delli

My refill lasts between 1 to 2 weeks outside with 3 ponies using it. I tie it to a tree so it swings. Have to make sure I do it up tight if not the kids pony has worked out how to undo it so it falls to floor and easier to eat. Mine love it and try licking it as I walk to the field with it. Love them!! Best treat ever for them. Thank you. Liz Lilliman


Ellie the mare I part loan loves her Bizzy bite toy. She plays with it for ages keeping her entertained and minimising her box walking. Dawn Brown

She’s Just Juniper

Juniper loves her toy and it keeps her happy for hours. She has one in her stable and one hanging from a tree in her paddock. I would highly recommend Bizzy Bites.

Abi Cox – Freddy

One very happy customer! Freddy loves his toy! Its lasted extremely well… 4 days, still going and he cant get enough of it!

Fantastic product.